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You must be Miss-Taken
by: Patricia Hood 
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Rating: G Add Review   Read Reviews, Last Review 04/04/05 (1) Added: 04/04/2005
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Synopsis: Forming a bet created out of a story idea.
Categories: Crossdressing / TV  Deals, Bets or Dares  Halloween 
Keywords: Breast Implants  Castration  Hormones 

You Must Be Miss-Taken

By Patricia Hood

"I thought the bet would be an easy one... I mean, it would take years right?"

This story may not be altered or re-posted without my permission.
Please let me know if this story appears on any pay site. It is my wish that the story remain free access, and it is up to you to help me make this possible.
This story is pure fantasy... any relation to persons live or dead is pure coincidence.

Patricia Hood

Note: Remove the slash before sending me e-mail. I added the slash because Fictionmania.com is often crawled and the e-mail addresses in the stories harvested for spam purposes.

"You Must Be Miss-Taken"
Story and pictures by Patricia Hood

"Excuse me ladies...", I heard from behind. As I turned to look... the guy blinked... "Whoa dude... sorry..." he said.

Linda laughed. "If he only saw you last Halloween..." she said.

"I don't think I was all that convincing... though I probably became more attractive close to closing time," I joked.

Linda thought a moment. "Wow, what a great premise for one of those forced feminization stories of yours..." she said.

"What would?" I asked.

"Well, I make a bet with you that each time you honestly get confused for a real woman, you stack up points towards feminizing procedures..." she said.

"What, you mean like having my brows waxed, hair coloured or permed, that kind of thing?" I replied.

She nodded. "Yes, to start... then the more you were mistaken for a woman, the more you would have to look feminine... starting a cascade effect..."

I smiled... "I'd take that bet..." I said. I should have known I was in trouble when I saw the smile that greeted me!

"Oh... that would be so much fun... here let's agree on the scale and scope...!" she said now excited.

We laid out the ground rules. We had some photos from the past Halloween... I didn't look all that great at the face, but being slim of build and with long hair I knew I was in trouble. We agreed she would be able to show any photos I allowed myself to take while dressed. She could show photos only when it came up in the context of "people we knew" or some other purely neutral way. If the photo was taken for that of a real woman, the points would count.

I agreed, but also didn't offer up that I had some photos taken of me on Halloween... I guess I hoped she had forgotten about that part.

If someone made a comment like 'Who's she' it would cost 1 point. If they said 'She's cute' or any other honest comment insinuating attractiveness, it would cost 2.

If someone mistook me for a woman in public while I was with her it would cost a point. If I ever got to the point where someone scrutinized me or asked me for a date thinking I was a woman... it would cost me 2 points.

Agreeing to this, we set the stage:

Upon reaching 20 points I could not cut my hair
50 points I must have my hair permed so it would always be in a feminine style
100 points I must remove my facial hair... Permanently!

Then it really got serious!

At 200 points, she said there was facial feminization surgery that would have to be done! My heart was in my throat. I began to think... this would never happen... I mean I'm not taken for a woman all that often... even with my long hair. I could always cut my hair or grow my beard long before I reached 20 points.
I swallowed hard... Ok Linda... I agree.

She was beaming as she completed the list...

At 300, I would have to have my adam's apple removed by what she called a 'Tracheal shave'.
At 400... you guessed it... breast implants!

At this point it got really scary as I realized that if I ever got to this point I would be mistaken for a woman all the time!

At 500, I would have to agree to undergo hormone therapy, and at 600 I would be castrated!
Finally, she said at 700, I would have to have the full operation... but we both agreed by that time it would be a mute point as I'd be a woman forever anyway.

I was rock hard at our little conversation as I agreed... and no sooner had I done so I heard the words that would prophesize my journey toward femininity... "What can I get for your ladies....", the waitress said... "Oh, sorry sir... you have lovely hair..."

Linda leaned forward... "That's 2 points..."

"Only one", I protested... but she quickly reminded me of the guy that walked up behind us moments before... and I relented.. it was only one extra point after all.

Over the next couple months, the points ticked off slowly... occasionally one or 2 every couple months... but then there was the night at the party!

The subject came up about past lovers and unusual sexual experiences. Linda slowly pulled out a wallet photo from her purse. "I'm not sure if I should show this to you guys... it's kind of embarrassing..." she said.

There were 4 ladies gathered around in the conversation... the photo was from the previous Halloween. It was me, in a tight very short black dress with my face fully made up... I had no idea she had a copy that photo... but there I was.

"OH, she's cute..." one of the gals said... I heard 2 clicks and looked down to see a small silver counter in Linda's hand held behind her back as she looked at the photo so no one else noticed!

"Linda, Oh-my, you slept with a woman!" another said. *click*

Very classy... where did you meet her...?" *click*click

"Do you have any other photos of her?" another asked *click*... and I knew I was sunk. The conversation was getting me hot though... exciting to hear the clicks. Linda was even being on the kind side seeing as there were so many compliments being thrown around. I tried to take a deep breath and just flow with it so as not to affect her little experiment.

"I think I have a larger shot around here someplace..." she answered.

Looking down at the photo one of the women gasped... and fanned herself with the photo.

My heart skipped a beat... she wouldn't... had she even seen the shot of me on the couch.... Oh my god... she did... she was going straight to the drawer where it was.

"Well, I can see what attracted you to her... what a body!" *click*click*

As Linda clicked her way past 20, she said, "So much for getting your hair cut... ever."

Then, to my surprise, she came clean. "Actually this beauty is our very own Pat here... but I think I like the name Trisha" she continued.

But thinking I was off the hook was short lived....

"Bullshit" one of them said, *click*

"You mean that's not a real girl?" said another... *click*.

They held the photo up... "Oh my god... yup... that's the nose!!" one of them exclaimed.

The damage was done.... I was at 22 points!!!

The gals all started talking and finally convinced me that I should do it again this year.... I have no idea what I was thinking when I agreed.

Halloween was only a couple months away. I made mention that I needed to figure out what I was going to wear... I told her I was thinking about wearing the black dress again.

"Don't be silly," she said. "What kind of costume is that for a girl to wear?"

It was then I found out what she intended for me to go as... a Victorian era saloon girl!

The day of the Halloween party was a flurry of activity. Mid morning I couldn't believe it... we were going to a local salon to get ready and I was told my body was to be waxed. It seemed to take forever. I was so embarrassed having someone do that to me. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I was laid back as they started on my eyebrows!

I had no idea they would take so much off... my brows, finely arched, complimented my facial features in a very dramatic way. Finally, allowed to get up I went to put my clothing back on... but to my surprise only the saloon girl outfit was there. Fishnet stockings, western ankle boots, and one hell of a corset... all in burgundy and black satin.

It didn't take me long to understand why this outfit had been chosen... it managed to hide all my flaws while at the same time exposing those things about me that looked the most feminine!

Linda came in holding a gaff. Watching as I put it on, she then helped me into the clothing. Stockings and boots, then the bloomers followed by the corset and breast forms. The corset was laced cruelly tight but I was informed it was so the jacket would fit. Once tight, the skirt was put on and then the tight jacket. As a final touch, the skirt was pulled up at the side exposing the frills and tucked into the belt to keep it up.

Exiting the dressing room, I then saw that a young man was standing at the makeup mirror patting the chair. My heart leapt as I realized Linda had paid to have my makeup professionally done!

Obviously leaving nothing to chance, I sat and allowed her to have her way. I mean how many would comment any way... it was Halloween after all... lots of guys wear dresses for Halloween.

Well, that was my thought before the makeup... but what greeted me once he was done was anything but a guy in a dress.

The photos started almost immediately, and so did the comments... heading out, a well dressed older man in a tux was standing out front when we came out. The others made sure I was in the lead...

"Allow me...." he said as he opened the limousine door. *click*click*.

I was about to correct her for hitting it twice when it hit me... Oh-my-god! That's what she meant by "Scrutinized"!!!

Once inside I begged her... "Please don't..." I said.

She simply smiled and showed me the counter... 38.

"You made the bet honey... I've always loved how you look as a girl... 12 more and you get that perm... then it's all down hill from there."

I knew she was right... I had no doubt at the outcome and sure enough, by the end of the night I was at 56 and she made the appointment first thing the next morning... by evening it was done and I was the not so proud owner of a girls feminine hairstyle.

At dinner, the inevitable... "Hi ladies, what are you having," the waitress said... and to my horror, she didn't try and correct herself. Then it hit me.... My brows were still highly arched!

Over the next several weeks, growing my facial hair out helped slow the pace quite a bit, but because of the photos that were taken on Halloween, the pace of the points clicking of was still slow but relentless!!

"What did you go as for Halloween..." friends would ask. Linda would pop up and say "I went as Naval officer...." she would day... then show the photo of us together!

"Who's that with you... I don't think I've met her..." *click*. You get the idea.

Could I really go through with it.... 30 more and I would loose my facial hair... then 22, 17, 8,5,2... the appointments to begin electrolysis were made.

Looking more and more like a girl with each passing wave of appointments I was so conflicted. Why did I continue with the bet... I mean, I could call it off any time. It wasn't like it was a contract... right? Every time I thought this I thought about what would happen if I called off the bet.. what would this do to my friendship with Lori?

One evening we sat for a talk.... "Please Lori, this is scaring me..." I said.

"I know honey, do you want to stop?" she asked.

"Will you hate me if I do?" I replied.

Her answer couldn't have been any worse... "Of course I won't hate you honey, I knew this was going to be tough from the start... but I think you will be missing out on quite a bit..."

"You mean missing out on being a girl?" I asked.

"No silly, missing out on an opportunity to truly submit to the will of another... My will" she answered.

She was right... this was true D/s. A power exchange in the real world... I would truly relinquish my masculine power... to her... forever! She still wanted me to be dominant mind you.. but she made it very clear that her desire was for me to experience feminine power...not masculine.

My heart pounding... "I'm so scared, I've seen how the facial surgeries come out... If they do that to me... with my face...Oh, please...I'll...." I stammered.

"You'll never be able to be thought of or dealt with as a man again... you will have forever changed your face to be more beautiful, more desirable... to men.. to become a pleasurable thing to look at."

Leaning forward she brushed the tears away from my cheek. "It's ok honey... let it out... girls can cry when ever they want to... you'll cry even more once we get you started on your hormones."

I looked up. "Unless of course, you want to break my heart and not allow me to do this to you..." she grinned.

I knew I did not have to go through with it... and yet, I did. It took 2 years to complete... and the thing I love best is that even now that it's all finished, Lori still wears that clicker on her key ring.

"Hey ladies, can I buy you a drink...."


The Beginning

Author's postscript:

I hope you enjoyed this short story. As real life often does, it put my writing on hold for quite some time. I have decided to release a couple stories in short format just to get them out there. They may be expanded upon later but I felt it was important to start getting them out.

"You must be miss-taken" also represents a bit of a personal realization for me that there are people out there that enjoy and actually prefer my feminine persona.

Patricia Hood

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